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Often art is not G-rated or PC, so some material on this site, or linked from this site, may be offensive to some people.

jeff reeve photoLet me introduce myself. My official, full, legal name is Jeffrey A. Reeve and I use that name whenever I need to visit with a lawyer, banker or local law enforcement officer. Otherwise, I go by Jeff. Currently, I reside in Joplin, Missouri. 

My day job is as the technical writer for the R&D division of a large, international company. I write operation and service manuals for machines and software used in manufacturing. If I were writing for consumer goods, I would be the person that wrote the instructions on how to put together or use the product you just bought at the local _ (pick one: hardware, retail, lumber, electronics, furniture) _ store. You know, the instructions that you didn't look at until you discovered the six extra screws and two extra parts left over. No, the instructions are not there for extra padding. I admit it, I am just as guilty as anyone else of trying to skip the instructions. Oddly, I read the instructions more often since I started getting paid to write them. And yes, sadly, sometimes it is easier to put something together without the instructions, instead of trying to figure out what the instructions are saying. Hopefully I do a better job than that.

I spent most of my life attempting to reach success using the traditional business model. The artist in me was never quite satisfied, so I always dabbled in writing, photography, acting, drawing, woodcarving, etc. Since I have been weaving words as a technical writer for the past fifteen years, it has been much closer to loving the job. But the cut and dry requirements of technical writing tend to crimp creative chords.

This website has been developed to help channel and promote my creative side. I have been writing poetry, on and off, for about four decades and decided it was time to "put it out there". The title of my first book is they don't serve beer here – and other depressing thoughts. I consider poetry to be a visual art form as well as a literary one. I believe that white space can speak as loud as a siren, or as softly as a lover's whispered proposition. 

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