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Often art is not G-rated or PC, so some material on this site, or linked from this site, may be offensive to some people.

The following photographs were taken at various times over the past few years. They are displayed in galleries of 25 or less. Click on a gallery to open a separate tab with a viewer. I plan to review and edit the galleries on a quarterly basis.

If there is a question about a photo or a desire to purchase a print or license use, then please e-mail me at

Photos that are creatively altered are in Digital Art galleries. All others are original photos with enhancements that would be available in a standard, analog darkroom.

By the way, I know very little about proper plant and animal names, so feel free to send me corrections.

Click on a photograph to open that gallery.

Flowers1 galleryFlowers Gallery 1
Flowers1 galleryTree & Plant Gallery 1
Flowers1 galleryCritters Gallery 1
Water GalleryWater Gallery 1
People Gallery 1People Gallery 1
Digital Art Gallery 1Digital Art Gallery 1

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